Thanks for choosing Soundcave Mastering!

It’s important to me that your song or album sounds as great as it possibly can, in every listening environment.

Here’s a few quick things I need to know in order to make sure things go smoothly & your goals are met!

Upload Instructions:

Once your final mixes are ready to send in for mastering, please name the files in the order they should appear on the album:

For example: 01_Song Title.wav

Create a .zip file with the mixes along with any reference files you’d like me to have, and send it to via WeTransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Project Details:

As it will appear on the release.
Please list the songs the order they should appear on the album or EP. If it's a single just put the one song title here.
Feel free to paste some links (Spotify/Soundcloud/iTunes) to any songs or albums in a similar genre/style you'd like me to reference while working on your project. If you'd like to send reference songs as WAV or mp3 files, feel free to include them in the upload with the rest of the mixes.
Let me know about any sonic characteristics you're looking for in the final masters, or any songs that need to transition in a specific way.
Services Needed: