Whether your music was recorded at home or in a pro studio, a great mix is essential to helping you stand out as an artist. My goal at Soundcave is to make your songs sound the best they possibly can. I pride myself on attention to detail in my mixes and I work hard to create an emotional experience for the listener. I've mixed hundreds of songs and my experienced ears & finely tuned listening environment will bring out the best in your recordings!

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Rates: My current rate for mixing is $250 USD per song. This includes 2 rounds of revisions. This rate is for mixing only, and does not include editing services. Extensive instrument editing or vocal tuning needs to be done before I start mixing. I may be able to help with these services for an additional fee.

Preparing for Mixing: If you're sending tracks for mixing, please have the tracking engineer (or yourself) prepare your stem files and consolidate your tracks into audio that starts at the same time. If you need help with this please let me know. A list of song tempos and keys is also helpful, if available. All files need to be full resolution 24 Bit WAV or AIFF. 

Mixing Process: I generally prefer to work alone for the majority of the mixing process. This allows me to eliminate distractions and conversations in the room that make it difficult for me to do my best work. If you'd like to sit in on a session, that can be arranged once the first round of mixes are finished and we've started revisions.

Payment: Once we agree on a final rate for the project I require a 50% deposit of the total amount upfront to cement your project on my calendar. Once I'm finished with the final round of mixes, I'll invoice the remaining payment which must be paid before I release any hi-res files of the tracks.

Changes & Revisions: After the first round of mixes is done, I'll send them over with a spreadsheet so everyone in the group can write notes about the songs. Once notes have been sent back to me I'll proceed with a second round of mixes, and then a third if necessary. Rarely does it ever take more than three mixes to satisfy a client. If we do find ourselves in that situation, we'll negotiate an additional hourly fee to finish the project and add it to the final invoice.



Mastering is the final process before a recording is released digitally or on a physical format. Quality mastering ensures that your songs are sonically cohesive, polished & ready to be heard across all different systems. If you're new to recording and unfamiliar with what mastering is, I recommend checking out this article for a brief overview.

Soundcave offers a couple of mastering packages depending on your needs. I use a combination of plug-ins & analog gear to put the finishing touches on your record and give you a professional, release ready product.

Mastering for Digital Release - $50 USD per song

Includes 24 & 16 Bit mastered WAV files ready for streaming & online distribution. 2 rounds of revisions at no extra charge. 

Mastering for Digital & Physical Release - $70 USD per song.

Includes 24 & 16 Bit mastered WAV files. A DDP file for physical CD replication, and 2 rounds of revisions at no extra charge.