Writing, recording, and releasing music is no simple task.

Whether you’re an artist or a producer/engineer, you’ve worked diligently perfecting your craft of music making. You’ve spent weeks, months, sometimes years of hard work - striving to make the best product you can. You need a fresh pair of ears to help you cross the finish line. At Soundcave Mastering I’m here to guide you through the final steps of the music making process. I want to make your record sound great, so you can feel great about the finished product. Let’s make something you can be proud of for years to come!

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About Soundcave:

Soundcave Mastering is owned by musician Andrew Goldring. Since 2011 Andrew has worked on hundreds of recording projects as an engineer, producer, and musician with clients from all over the world. From humble beginnings recording local bands in his parents basement, to touring the U.S. several times & working with Grammy nominated artists in the studio - Andrew has seen his fair share of the music industry. Recognizing a need in the Utah music scene for high quality & accessible mastering, Andrew his shifted focus to mastering & mixing while building a new studio space in 2017.