Andrew is available for Mixing, Mastering, and Producing/Recording. Please use the contact form or email Andrew at to book a project. Rates will depend on some project specifics - please send a message with some details and a description of your goals to get an exact quote. A 50% deposit will be required to book your project. Availability fluctuates, but plan to book new projects 2-3 months in advance. While primarily a mixing studio, SOUNDCAVE is equipped for some tracking - depending on the material. For larger recording sessions, please contact me with more info about your project and I can offer some options for recording time.

Over the years I've learned how important clear communication & expectations are to create trust & satisfaction for my clients. Therefore, I try to be as transparent as possible about my process and my workflow from the beginning of each project so that no one is confused or disappointed. Here's some information that you should check out if you're interested in working together.

PREPARING FOR MIXING OR MASTERING: If you're sending tracks for mixing, please have the tracking engineer prepare your stem files correctly, and consolidate your tracks into stems that all start at the same time. If you need help with this please let me know. Please also include a list of tempos & keys for all the songs if you have them. All files need to be full resolution 24 Bit WAV or AIFF. (I usually prefer to work at 44.1khz, so if you prefer that your session be mixed at a higher sample rate please specify that. I may also need you to provide your own hard drive if so).

MIXING PROCESS: I generally prefer to work alone for the majority of the mixing process. This allows me to eliminate distractions and conversations in the room that make it difficult for me to do my best work. If you'd like to sit in on a session, that can be arranged once the first round of mixes are finished and we've started revisions.

MASTERING PROCESS: If sending tracks for mastering, please provide stereo 24 bit WAV or AIFF files of your finished mix. (If you're interested in stem mastering, contact for more info). My mastering process is similar to my mixing process, 2 included rounds of revisions. This does not include swapping out mixes. An additional fee will be added if mixes need to be swapped.

PAYMENT: Once we agree on a rate for mixing/mastering, I require a 50% deposit of the total amount upfront. This ensures that your project is on my calendar and a priority. Once I'm finished with the final round of mixes, I'll invoice the remaining payment which must be paid before I will release any hi-res files of the final mixes.

CHANGES & REVISIONS: My rate for mixes includes 2 rounds of revisions at no extra charge. After the first versions of the mixes are done, I'll send over a spreadsheet or document where everyone in the group can share notes about the songs. I greatly prefer this over getting multiple phone calls or e-mails from different band members. Having notes all in one place makes it much easier for me to remember what changes were requested when I'm working on the mixes. Once notes have been sent back to me I'll proceed with a second round of mixes, and then a third if necessary. Rarely does it ever take more than 3 mixes to satisfy a client. If we do find ourselves in that situation, I will charge an additional hourly fee to finish the project and add it to the final invoice.