"Working with Andrew is such a pleasure. He tackles engineering, mixing, and mastering with ease. He's a pro hiding in plain sight." - Nathan Hussey of All Get Out - Fort Worth, TX

"With Andrew's excellence as a studio wizard and musician, he has rightfully found himself working for clients from all over the country. In my personal experience, working with him ensured I had the best final result possible. I was free to explore knowing he could take the wheel if I took a wrong turn." - James Collington - Providence, RI

“Andrew Goldring produced my latest album ‘57’. He works quickly and accurately, has keen intuition knowing just what the song needs, and the sound… well, listen for yourself. I couldn’t be happier with my tracks.” - Mark Neihart - Salt Lake City, UT

"Andrew was great to work with. It was a memorable experience and we were very pleased with the results. Our album would not sound the same without him!" - Kevin Campbell of Air Ralley - Nashville, TN